Staff with a cow at Moo to Ewe sanctuary

You’ve helped millions of animals around the world. Thank you.

Supporters like you helped to change the world for animals in 2023. Here's just some of what you achieved.


500,000+ sheep will no longer suffer every year on live export ships from 2028, thanks to your support. 

Thousands of animal lovers pushed the Australian Government to finally annouce a phase out date for live sheep exports.

Agriculture Minister Murray Watt announced the barbaric trade will be phased out by 1st May 2028. Thank you for being part of this historic movement.

Rescued sheep at Edgar's Mission Sanctuary

Government announces live sheep export phase out date

Millions of Australian sheep will finally be safe from harrowing live export voyages as the Agriculture Minister announced the phase out date of this brutal trade.

 Daria with her newly born cubs, Tasha, Lulu and Kyle. Credit: AMP

Mother bear and newborn cubs find a safe and peaceful home in Libearty Sanctuary

Daria, a mother bear, and her cubs Tasha, Lulu and Kyle were rescued after being discovered wandering a small village in Romania. Thanks to you, they were safely transported to Libearty Sanctuary, our partner bear sanctuary in Romania.

Bear icon

191 bears fed and cared for in our partner sanctuaries in Romania and Pakistan.

Many of the bears at Libearty sanctuary in Romania were rescued from cages or they were brought to the sanctuary because they were injured or unable to look after themselves in the wild. The bears at Balkasar in Pakistan were mostly rescued from cruel bear baiting and bear dancing. Thank you for looking after these beautiful, gentle animals in a safe sanctuary environment.

Elephant icon

37 elephants fed and cared for in sanctuaries and venues across Southeast Asia. 

In 2023 and 2024 you helped provide emergency COVID relief and ongoing support to eight elephant-friendly venues in Thailand and one in Cambodia.

Your support helped to keep these sanctuaries afloat – and the elephants who live in them fed and cared for – as tourism stopped due to lockdowns. 

Your continued support will help five of these sanctuaries continue to provide an elephant-friendly environment for elephants and tourists alike.

Elephants at Sappraiwan elephant sanctuary

Elephants in Sappraiwan Elephant Sanctuary relish the food you helped grow

Thank you for helping feed six elephants in this elephant-friendly sanctuary in Thailand. Watch a cute video of them devouring the Napier grass you helped grow.

Jaguarungen Xama fanget på vildtkamera

Jaguar cub rehabilitating in the Amazon rainforest

Thanks to your support Xamã, an orphaned male jaguar cub you helped rescue from the Brazil fires. New camera trap footage shows he is he is thriving in his rehabilitation enclosure in the Amazon rainforest.


A jaguar cub and a baby peccary rescued from Brazilian wildfires.

You helped rescue Xamá the jaguar cub and Baby, the baby peccary, after they were orphaned by human-made fires in the Amazon. Xamá and Baby were taken to our partners at the Ecótono Institute.

Both Xamá and Baby required expert care to grow big and strong and ready for release into the wild.

Eventually, Xamá was released and appears to be doing well. Baby is healthy, but it will take time to find a suitable group of peccaries to accept her. In the mean time she continues to be cared for at the Institute.


Six baby giant anteaters rescued from Brazilian wildfires. 

You helped our partners on the ground in Brazil care for 6 baby giant anteaters who were orphaned by human-made fires in the Amazon.

Cecilia, Darlan, Tereré, Tunga, Joey and Trovoa were all hand fed and carefully monitored at our partner the Institute Tamanduá, with your support.

Den forældreløse myreslugerunge Cecilia er efter halvandet år på rehabiliteringscenter blevet genudsat i den fri natur.

Rescued anteaters safely released back into the Amazon rainforest

Thanks to you, two giant baby anteaters, Cecilia and Darlan, orphaned by the Brazil fires, have been safely released into the wild after a year and a half of rehabilitation.

Cigarra the spider monkey

Rescued spider monkey prepares for next chapter in rehabilitation journey

Thanks to your support, Cigarra, a two-year-old white-cheeked spider monkey is all set to enter a bigger space closer to her natural wild home.

Spider monkeyFour spider monkeys rescued from Brazilian wildfires. 

You helped build a rehabilitation enclosure for four orphaned spider monkeys – Cigarra, Cupim, Formiga and Tarantula.

Two-year-old Cigarra was the first to arrive at our partners, the Ecótono Institute, after she was found alone in a burnt area of the Amazon. Then Cupim and Formiga arrived, and then tarantula.

The new enclosure allowed the primates to grow healthy and strong while expressing their natural behaviours and socialising.

OstrichThousands of wild animals, including minks, ostriches and crocodiles, set to live better lives after you convinced Copenhagen Fashion Week to go fur, skin and feather-free. 

Copenhagen Fashion Week will ban exotic animal skins and feathers from their shows in 2025, making them the highest-profile fashion event in the world to commit to a ban.

This comes after animal lovers like you moved Melbourne Fashion Week to become fully wildlife free after banning feathers in 2023, and helped push London Fashion Week to remove all furs from their shows.  

Ostrich in the wild

Melbourne Fashion Week goes feather free in world first

We celebrated alongside Melbourne Fashion Week to announce their new policy to ban wild bird feathers such as ostrich feathers and peacock feathers on its runway from 2024.

Whitsundays Whale Heritage Area

Responsible wildlife tourism promoted by new global initiative

World Animal Protection and World Cetacean Alliance have launched a new global initiative with the aim to change the way people travel to see wildlife.


Hundreds of whales, dolphins and other marine animals now better protected thanks to a new Whale Heritage Area in the Whitsundays. 

The Whitsundays recently became the world's next designated Wildlife Heritage Area.

The site will now only offer truly wildlife-friendly encounters, where tourists can see wild animals in the wild.

Thanks to you, this important initiative will better protect ocean animals from exploitation, like humpback whales giving birth to their calves in the Whitsundays’ warm waters.

Macaw icon

Nine young macaws rescued and released back into the Amazon.

Tico and Teco are a pair of macaws who were left homeless by devastating, human-made fires in Brazil.

They were brought to our partners, the Ecótono Institute, for care and rehabilitation. They were soon joined by seven other young macaws.

Supporters like you helped to build a rehabilitation and flight training enclosure to help the macaws recover and grow strong.

Wild Macaw in Brazil

You helped 9 young macaws

You helped build a rehabilitation and flight training enclosure for nine young macaws who were injured and orphaned by fires in Brazil.


Our farm animal work

Every day, pigs, cows and chickens are crammed in together in unhealthy conditions, subjected to horrific cruelty and then slaughtered.

Pig icons

Millions of pigs set to live better lives thanks to higher welfare standards at CP China.

You helped convince CP China – one of China’s largest pig producers – to sign a three-sided agreement with our partner organisation, China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance, committing to high-welfare trials. The CP China team recently built a new farm that will house the higher welfare animals.

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