Daria with her newly born cubs, Tasha, Lulu and Kyle. Credit: AMP

Mother bear and newborn cubs find a safe and peaceful home in Libearty Sanctuary


Daria, a mother bear, and her cubs Tasha, Lulu and Kyle were rescued after being discovered wandering a small village in Romania. Thanks to you, they were safely transported to Libearty Sanctuary, our partner bear sanctuary in Romania.

A mother bear named Daria and three of her newly born cubs, Tasha, Lulu, and Kyle were found scavenging in a small Romanian village, desperately looking for food.

On discovering the distressed bear family, village authorities contacted Libearty Sanctuary for help.

Because of support from compassionate animal lovers like you, the sanctuary was able to rescue the mother bear and her cubs and safely transfer them to their peaceful new home.

This beautiful bear family will now enjoy plenty of nutritious food and delicious bear snacks for the rest of their lives, all thanks to your support.

During the rescue, Daria was found to be limping, and a thorough health examination revealed that the poor mother bear had severely fractured one of her front legs, which made it even more difficult for her to find food for her newborn cubs.

Sadly, the fracture is unable to be corrected since her bones seem to have healed in the wrong position. And due to her poor health, her chances of survival in the wild are slim and without their mother’s guidance, her cubs too would be unable to survive a re-release.

But thanks to you, mama bear Daria and her babies Tasha, Lulu and Kyle will be able to enjoy a safe and peaceful life in Libearty Sanctuary, a high-welfare bear sanctuary in Romania that is home to over a hundred previously exploited bears.

Together, we can give every bear a life where they spend their days climbing trees, taking dips in pools, rolling on the grass and bathing in the sun. A life worth living.

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Did you know there are eight species of bears including the Asiatic black bear, sloth bear, sun bear, and brown bear?

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