World Animal protection ambassador visiting a sanctuary

Meet our Animal Ambassadors

Our Animal Ambassadors are an integral part of our work to end animal cruelty and suffering.

They help make long-term change possible through social media, networking, media interviews and spreading awareness.

They are moving the world to protect animals and we are honoured to work alongside them!

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Our Ambassadors

Thank you to our Australia and New Zealand ambassadors for providing their incredible, long-term support.

Susie Porter

Susie Porter

Jarryd and Alesha of NOMADasaurus

Jarryd and Alesha of NOMADasaurus

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Our Public Supporters

Thank you to these Australian and New Zealand influential individuals for spreading awareness of our campaigns.

Andy Royz

Andy Royz

Clare Verrall

Clare Verrall

Ryan Anderson, World Animal Protection ambassador

Ryan Anderson

Sara Wiseman, World Animal Protection ambassador

Sara Wiseman

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Only the courage and determination of animal lovers working together for change can move the world to protect animals.

Staff with pig at Moo to Ewe sanctuary

Volunteer for animals

By generously giving your time, you’ll meet like-minded people, do something different and help create a world where animals live without suffering.