Staff member watches elephants at Somboon Legacy Foundation, Thailand

How your money is spent

For every $1 in 2023, 79c was spent towards protecting animals, 19c on fundraising and 2c on staff and admin.


Where our income came from in 2023

Income in Australia 2023


How we spent your money in 2023

Expenditure in Australia 2023

For every $1 you donated in 2023: 79% went directly towards protecting animals around the world, 2% paid for staff and administration, and to help raise the next dollar – 19% was spent on fundraising.


Here's what your support meant for animals in 2023

Somboon Legacy Foundation elephant sanctuary

Our 2023 achievements

In 2023, your generous support helped animals around the world

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Your Global Review 2023

Learn more how you're helping us end animal cruelty across the world.

Wild elephants in a row at Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Credit: World Animal Protection / Aaron Gekoski

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