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Our global team of experts inspire and mobilise organisations and individuals to create change for animals in need.

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Steve McIvor, Chief Executive

Steve McIvor

Chief Executive

Steve previously worked at Compassion in World Farming and The Body Shop, responsible for developing award winning campaigns on issues such as endangered species, domestic violence and human rights. Based: Milan

Lena Aahlby, Global Programmes Director

Lena Aahlby

Global Director of Programmes

Lena previously worked for Greenpeace as Global Campaigns and Programme Director and now heads up World Animal Protection’s global programmes. Based: Sydney

Ben Pearson, Country Director

Ben Pearson

Country Director

Ben has more than 24 years’ experience advocating for the environment and animals, working for NGOs and government both in Australia and overseas. Based: Sydney

Mark Dia, Global Director for Animals in Farming

Mark Dia

Global Director for Animals in Farming

Mark is taking more than 20 years of experience in campaign leadership on various issues like environment, human rights and labor and focusing this on improving the lives of farm animals globally. Based: Philippines

Kelly Dent, Global Director for External Affairs

Kelly Dent

Global Director of External Engagement

Kelly has 25 years’ experience lobbying and campaigning on climate change, poverty, corporate accountability, trade, labour and human rights around the world. She has previously worked in international aid development with Oxfam. She is Director of External Engagement with World Animal Protection. Based: Sydney

Nick Stewart, Head of Campaign: Wildlife

Nick Stewart

Global Head of Campaign: Wildlife

Nick leads the captive dolphins work within our broader wildlife tourism campaign which is transforming the global travel industry’s treatment of wild animals, and exposing the cruelties of wildlife entertainment. Based: London

Dr Neil D'Cruze, Global Head of Wildlife Research

Dr Neil D'Cruze

Global Head of Wildlife Research

Neil is a wildlife biologist with expertise in conservation, illegal wildlife trade and animal welfare. He has led research projects all over the world and has discovered six previously unknown species. Based: London​

Dr Jan Schmidt-Burbach, Global Head of Wildlife Research and Animal Welfare

Dr Jan Schmidt-Burbach

Global Head of Wildlife Research and Animal Welfare

Jan is a qualified veterinarian with experience in wildlife medicine, bear baiting in Pakistan and leading research on wildlife in entertainment and the micro-chipping of bears in Asia Pacific. Based: Berlin

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What we do

Working around the world to end the needless suffering of animals by inspiring people to change animals’ lives for the better.

Animals in farming

More than 80 billion land-based farm animals are eaten every year. Most are cruelly confined to industrial, low-welfare food systems.

Animals in the wild

At least 1.6 trillion wild animals are exploited as commodities and suffer through people’s actions every year.

Wild dolphins in Algoa Bay, South Africa

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