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No matter how small or large, a charitable bequest can protect animals for generations to come.

A gift in your will, legally known as a bequest, is a gift you can leave to a charity in your Will. Animals in all corners of the world will benefit from a gift in your Will, now and into the future. Their need has never been greater. Even a small gift, after you have provided for your loved ones, can make the world a better place for animals.

By leaving a gift to World Animal Protection in your Will, you can help us bring practical aid to animals in need and move the world to protect animals by:

  • Influencing the decisions people make that affect animals on a global scale
  • Helping people understand how protecting animals is fundamental to their lives
  • Helping people act in sustainable and practical ways that will benefit animals.


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You can make a meaningful difference in the lives of wild and farm animals by leaving them a gift in your Will. To make it easy for you, we have created a free guide to help you understand the process.

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Get your Gifts in Wills guide

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Hayley GalleryHayley Gallery,
Philanthropy Manager 

Grace Pavone, Bequestor

"My decision in 2013 to Bequest World Animal Protection was an easy one. One I am proud & honoured to have made.

"World Animal Protection works tirelessly to defend and protect voiceless animals of all species, sizes and issues worldwide.

"This work is carried out by teams of amazing & dedicated people (both on the field & behind the scenes) who see the horrors but have also achieved significant changes over the years for animals; including the importance of educating and raising public awareness. I am in awe of them.

"I’m confident, that through my Gift, this work will continue and expand and that my one voice will be one of millions to make one big voice for all animals in need of attention and action by World Animal Protection.

"Maybe the COVID-19 global pandemic highlighted that animals have a rightful and respectful place on our planet that we share. I hope this has inspired to re-evaluate and consider a Gift in their Will to make a better world for all animals."

Grace and Haley explain why they are bequestors
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We've teamed up with Safewill Online Wills to make it easy for you to create and leave a gift in your Will from the comfort of your own home. When you begin the process, you will receive support, direction, and legal counsel to complete your online Will.

Why consider World Animal Protection in your will?

All across the globe, World Animal Protection supporters have protected millions of animals and helped people understand the importance of animal protection.

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You don’t have to include a gift to World Animal Protection, but we hope you will consider it, after providing for your loved ones. Every animal deserves to live a life worth living.

How to include us in your will

If you've decided to support the work of World Animal Protection with a gift in your will, thank you. Animals in need across the world will benefit from your lasting legacy.


World Animal Protection respects your privacy and assures you that we fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We will under no circumstances share your legacy information with any other organisations and all correspondence will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

Your support is vital to the work we do, and we truly thank you for considering leaving a gift in your Will to give animals around the world a life worth living.