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We couldn’t do everything we do for animals without you. Your support is key to bringing an end to animal suffering across the world. Here’s how you can get involved.

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Give a gift that will bring positive change for millions of animals in desperate need. Every day, we rely on kind donations to fund our vital work.

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Regular gifts are the most impactful way to achieve long-term, lasting change for the lives of animals everywhere, forever.

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Take action today by signing our petitions and pledging to make animal-friendly choices.

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Only the courage and determination of animal lovers working together for change can move the world to protect animals.

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Animals in all corners of the world will benefit from your touching gift, now and into the future.

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Your kind gift in memory of a loved one will help give animals around the world a better life.

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Celebrate your loved ones by giving a gift that will move the world to protect animals.

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Shop for products that support our campaigns and protect animals with each purchase.

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Hosting your own fundraising event is a great way to raise funds and awareness to help end animal cruelty.

Volunteer for animals

By generously giving your time, you’ll meet like-minded people, do something different and help create a world where animals live without suffering.

Workplace Giving

Want to be an Animal Protector as part of your day job? Donate the smart way, direct from your pay.

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Becoming a corporate partner is an easy way to help your business make a meaningful impact for animals.

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Together, we’ll create a world where animals matter and animal cruelty has ended.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we’ve already changed the lives of millions of animals for the better. All over the world we’re bringing positive change to mistreated and abused animals in the wild, in farming, in communities and caught up in disasters. But there are still many millions of animals that need help and support. Join us and together, we’ll bring an end to animal suffering.

Wild dolphins in Algoa Bay, South Africa

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