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Looking for something to do with the kids? We've got animal activities and wild facts for you.
Dolphins in the wild - World Animal Protection
Improve your animal welfare knowledge – or teach your school or vet school students – through the training resources we produced between 1989 - 2016.
Dog in ruins after natural disaster
Watch our training video and download our guides to know how best to help pets, wildlife and farm animals in a bushfire emergency.

Animal Facts

Discover fun and fascinating facts about wildlife and farmed animals.

Roxana at Libearty sanctuary
Cattle in a field.
Chicken on a farm
Large saltwater crocodile.
Elephants Gee Chreng and Ning Wan at Elephant Valley Project.
How to spot koalas in the wild
A pangolin caught in a cage in the wildlife trade
Rosella bird in the wild
Pigs at a high welfare farm in the US - World Animal Protection
Sloth climbing
A green snake on a branch
Tiger in the wild

Animal Quizzes

Test your knowledge about wild and farmed animals.

Two kookaburras in a tree.
Rene the bear
Chicken at high welfare chicken farm Windstreek, Netherlands
large saltwater crocodile by dean sewell
Nam Gaew og to andre reddede elefanter
Lion in the wild.
Female pigs (sows) in group housing
Ball python
 Caption: A captive Sumatran tiger in an Australian zoo. Credit Line: Shannon Plummer

Videos: Did you know? 

Watch weird and wonderful facts about your favourite animals 

A baby armadillo at the AIUNAU center
Capybara. Photo by Jaime Dantas on Unsplash.
Chickens interacting with sweet corn in a barn on a certified chicken farm in Somerset
Crocodile in the shallow water.
Wilde dolfijnen
2 young cows.
Mico-leão-dourado em um galho de árvore, em meio à mata
Lemurs in Madagascar after Cyclone Ava - World Animal Protection - Animals in disasters
Pigs at a high welfare farm in the US - World Animal Protection

Virtual tours

Let the elephants lead you on a virtual tour of Following Giants - an elephant-friendly venue in Koh Lanta.