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Animal Facts

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Bear facts

Common name: Bear. Scientific name: Ursidae. Distribution: Asia, Europe, The Americas

There are eight species of bears including the Asiatic black bear, sloth bear, sun bear, and brown bear.

Cow facts

Common name: Cattle. Scientific name: Bos Taurus. Distribution: Worldwide (except Antarctica)

Cows are highly social and sensitive animals. To communicate with each other they have 333 unique sounds and bond by licking one another.

Chicken facts

Common name: Chicken. Scientific name: Gallus gallus domesticus. Distribution: worldwide 

Chickens are way more intelligent and sensitive than many people think. These clever creatures are the closest living relatives to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Crocodile facts

Common name: Crocodile. Scientific name: Crocodylus. Distribution: Australia, Asia, and Africa

Crocodiles have been around for 240 million years. They play a vital role in keeping waterways clean and healthy for many other species.

Dolphin facts

Common name: Dolphin. Scientific name: Delphinidae. Distribution: Temperate and tropical waters around the world

Dolphins are warm-blooded marine mammals that breathe air. Learn more about these highly intelligent, sociable and playful animals.

Elephant facts

Common name: Elephant. Scientific name: Elephantidae. Distribution: Asia and Africa

Elephants are the largest living land-based mammal and can weigh between 3,000 to 5,000 kg with a body length of over 6 metres.

Koala facts

Common name: Koalas. Scientific name: Phascolarctos cinereus. Distribution: Australia

The koala is an iconic Australian marsupial. They have thick fur which can be brown or grey in colour, large ears, a black nose and no tail.

Lion facts

Common name: Lion - Scientific name: Panthera leo - Distribution: Africa, Asia

Lions are the second largest big cats after tigers. There are two species left in the world today - the African lion and the Asiatic lion.

Pangolin facts

Common name: Pangolins. Scientific name: Pholidota. Distribution: Asia and Africa

Pangolins are solitary, primarily nocturnal animals – so there’s a good chance you aren’t too familiar with them.

Parrot facts

Name: Parrots. Scientific name: Psittacines. Distribution: South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand

Parrots are known for being charismatic, intelligent and musical. Some of these birds can imitate non-avian sounds, like human speech!

Pig facts

Common name: Pig. Scientific name: Sus. Distribution: Worldwide

Pigs are incredibly smart, sensitive, and charismatic animals. Did you know that pigs are as playful as domesticated dogs?

Sloth facts

Common name: Sloth. Scientific name: Folivora. Distribution: central and south America

There are two types of sloth, two-toed and three-toed. However, this can get confusing as both types have three claws, or ‘toes’, on their hind limbs.

Snake facts

Common name: Snakes. Scientific name: Serpentes. Distribution: Every continent except Antarctica

According to the latest count, there are 3,789 snake species, making them the second largest group of reptiles after lizards.

Tiger facts

Common name: Tiger. Scientific name: Panthera tigris. Distribution: Asia

These larger-than-life animals are mostly solitary aside from the relationship between a mother and her cubs.

Animal quizzes

Test your knowledge about wild and farmed animals.

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Quiz to test your snake facts knowledge


In celebration of World Snake Day today (July 16), we put together a short quiz about snakes. Take our quiz to test how much you know about these amazing animals.

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Videos: Did you know?

Watch weird and wonderful facts about your favourite animals.

Virtual tours

Let the elephants lead you on a virtual tour of Following Giants - an elephant-friendly venue in Koh Lanta.

Thank you for letting the elephants lead the way on your virtual visit. You can help end the cruel exploitation of elephants for entertainment by seeing these incredible creatures in a natural setting, where they can behave as naturally as possible - without riding or bathing them.

Together, we can keep elephants in the wild where they belong.

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