Wild Macaw in Brazil

You helped 9 young macaws


You helped build a rehabilitation and flight training enclosure for nine young macaws who were injured and orphaned by fires in Brazil.

Image credit: Macaw. Mauricio Forlani / World Animal Protection Brazil

Thanks to your incredible support, nine young macaws had somewhere to spread their wings as they recovered from devastating wildfires in Brazil.

The fires, which were deliberately lit to clear land for factory farming, left blue and yellow macaws Tico and Teco homeless and injured. Thankfully, the pair was brought to our partners in Brazil – the Ecótono Institute. The staff there worked tirelessly to care for Tico and Teco as they regained their strength, and soon they were joined by seven other macaws who also needed a safe place to recover.

Macaw rescueImage credit: UFMT SINOP

With your help, the team built a specially designed rehabilitation and flight training enclosure so the macaws could enjoy a natural environment that allowed for flight training and the development of social skills, while also staying under the watchful eye of vets and other carers.

Eventually, the nine macaws were able to leave the enclosure to go out and explore their lush forest surroundings. But they always came back thanks to the abundant supply of fresh food and water you helped provide. Over time the macaws became more confident and were seen displaying natural behaviours, like flying in pairs and sending out an alarm call when encountering a hawk.

The nine macaws are still being monitored thanks to identification tags. Thank you for keeping them alive, caring for them when they needed it most, and supporting their big adventure back into the wild.

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