Den forældreløse myreslugerunge Cecilia er efter halvandet år på rehabiliteringscenter blevet genudsat i den fri natur.

Rescued anteaters safely released back into the Amazon rainforest


Thanks to you, two giant baby anteaters, Cecilia and Darlan, orphaned by the Brazil fires, have been safely released into the wild after a year and a half of rehabilitation.

They reacted differently after being released back into the rich and dense Amazon rainforest.

Darlan, the shy one, was the first to scurry away and disappear into the lush forest. While curious Cecilia, who was more comfortable with the rescue staff, was quick to turn back after surveying the surroundings.

After a little while, she built up the courage to try again, and just like her friend Darlan, she, too, disappeared into the rainforest.

Den rehabiliterede myresluger Cecilia er genudsat i den fri natur

Cecilia released into the wild.

Although the anteaters shared an enclosure at the rehabilitation centre, they went their separate ways on being released into the wild. This behaviour is completely healthy and natural for their kind as they are known to be solitary animals.

Thriving after their release

After the release, both anteaters have moved a few kilometres away from the rehabilitation enclosure and seem to be settling in quite well.

A team of veterinarians and biologists are closely monitoring them through their collars which have radio transmitters to ensure their safety.

Losing their mothers

Darlan was only 20 days old when he was rescued from a dirt road in June 2021. It is assumed that he tried to escape the fires with his mother, and either got separated from her or lost her to the flames.

Just two months later, Cecilia was found on a road next to her lifeless mother, who died after being run over.

Without intervention, the chances of their survival in the wild would be extremely low. But thanks to you, they made it to the rehabilitation centre where they were protected, helped to grow bigger and stronger, and taught all the skills they need to thrive in the wild.

En reddet myreslugerunge øver sig i at finde føde på rehabiliteringscenteret

Cecilia and Darlan can now thrive in the wild.

Protecting Brazil's wildlife

The rescue and rehabilitation of Cecilia and Darlan is part of your efforts to support Brazilian wild animals injured and displaced by the forest fires.

Many forest areas in Brazil are deliberately being set ablaze to clear the land to grow crops such as soya to feed beef cattle and other farmed animals.

Cecilia and Darlan getting their radio collars placed on them

Cecilia and Darlan getting their radio collars placed on them

Your support helps us work with local organizations to rehabilitate injured animals and return them to the wild when ready. It also aids our efforts in firefighting such as the creation of 'fire pits', which are open lines in the forest that prevent the fire from spreading further and act as escape routes for the animals.

Thanks for securing the futures of Cecilia, Darlan, and many more animals affected by the Brazil fires.

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