Elephant at a Zimbabwe safari

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Image credit: World Animal Protection / Aaron Gekoski

When it comes to protecting wildlife, there are only two sides…

Some people believe wild animals belong in cages. And some believe they belong in the wild.

Some people believe animals' lives are worthless. And some believe they're worth fighting for.

Which side of the fight are you on?

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Right now, animals are being exploited for our entertainment.

You have the power to protect wild animals by choosing to only see them in the wild, where they can thrive. And with your support, we can continue to work towards ending the exploitation of wild animals for commercial gain and transform the global travel and tourism industry to protect wild animals.

Between 2010 and 2020, the numbers of captive elephants in tourism increased by a massive 135% making Thailand the hotspot for elephant suffering. You can protect elephants and other wild animals by reducing the demand for wild animal in entertainment in the countries where you holiday.

You can help spread the word with these travel items to encourage others to be animal friendly tourists when they travel.

When wild animals are left in the wild and people keep a safe distance and protect wild habitats, the planet becomes a much safer, healthier place. 

Elephant riding with a bullhook at Mason Elephant Park, Bali

Elephant riding at Mason Elephant Park, Bali. Credit: World Animal Protection / Andito Wasi

Tiger chained up

Animals, not entertainers

Across the globe, animals at wildlife tourism venues are forced to endure intense pain and mostly unseen suffering to entertain tourists and visitors on a daily basis.

Orangutan selfies in Bali

Wildlife tourism

If a venue that houses wildlife allows you to ride, hug, cuddle or take a selfie with a wild animal, cruelty is surely involved.

Elephant used for riding at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Elephant rides

Today, more than 3,000 elephants are being used and abused to entertain tourists and visitors across Asia.