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Image: Celeste the rescued jaguar. Las Pumas Sanctuary and Rescue Centre

Our supporters changed the world for animals in 2023. Thank you.

2023 achievements for animals in numbers

Here are just some of the achievements for animals you helped us to reach in 2023.

Dolphin watching in Algoa Bay, South Africa

Eight Wildlife Heritage Areas

Eight Wildlife Heritage Area projects developed, ranging from whale watching in Australia to night monkey trips in Peru.

Mother bear and cubs at Libearty sanctuary

Supported 123 bears in Romania

Supported 123 bears at Europe’s largest bear sanctuary, near Zarnesti in central Romania.

Pangolin in the wild, Namibia

1,375 China doctors go wildlife-free

1,375 doctors from one of China’s largest online medical service providers pledged not to prescribe wildlife products.

Organic farm pilot in Southeast Asia

1.37 million farmed more humanely

1.37 million animals including chickens and prawns in Southeast Asia were farmed more humanely.

Somboon Legacy Foundation elephant sanctuary

160 more travel companies join us

160 travel companies have agreed to stop profiting from cruel wildlife entertainment.

Ostrich in the wild

First fashion week to ban bird feathers

Melbourne Fashion Week to become the first fashion week worldwide to ban clothing featuring wild bird feathers.

Bear rescue in Vietnam

49 bears moved to rescue centres

Ongoing monitoring led to 49 bears moved by authorities to rescue centres or by fellow animal welfare organisations from the bear bile farming industry in Vietnam.

Dolphin watched at Oceanogràfic de Valencia

75,200 people help protect 18 dolphins

75,200 people had signed our petition asking Oceanogràfic of Valencia, Spain to stop the commercial exploitation of their 18 dolphins.

Mundi elephant rescue

One jumbo flight to freedom

Safely transported Mundi the elephant to the Elephant Refuge North America sanctuary in Georgia, US after 35 years of isolation at a zoo in Puerto Rico.

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Thank you 

Thank you for everything you have done to move the world for animals in 2023.

We are proud to have your support and will continue to inspire global change by tackling the root causes of animal cruelty.

Together we can transform the global food system.

Together we can free wild animals from exploitation. Forever.

Steve and Joannaby Steve McIvor, Chief Executive Officer and Joanna Kerr, Chair