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Our supporters changed the world for animals in 2023. Thank you.

Annual achievements

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2022 achievements
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Our global crisis

Three distressing images from 2022. A zebra lying dead in the parched Kenyan landscape – its once strong and vibrant body strangely deflated. An anteater gingerly picking its way through fire-devastated land in the Amazon. And a mother pig looking out from her small steel cage on a factory farm in Europe – hopelessness and suffering dulling her eyes.

Three animals – two wild, one farmed – separated by thousands of kilometres. Yet all are connected. The root of their suffering? The factory farming system so inherently cruel and so strongly linked with climate change that it is devastating our world. Demand for animal feed for factory farms is causing deforestation and loss of precious wild animals and their habitats at an extraordinary rate.

Building a better world

Ending factory farming will lead to a better, kinder world for wild animals – stopping the deforestation that drives them from their homes, injuring, killing and wiping out species. It will also protect water, soil and air, allowing wildlife to thrive.

Over the next decade, with your help, we are confident of great progress. That we’ll see millions of animals no longer suffering in industrial farms and a profound change in the way food is produced. This will in turn help to protect our environments, the wild places and spaces that animals live in, and create the healthy future we want for ourselves and our children.