Huge win for kangaroos as PUMA stops using K-Leather


The iconic athletic footwear brand PUMA has swapped K-Leather (kangaroo leather) for an advanced non-animal alternative K-Better, in their popular range of PUMA KING football boots.

The redesigned version of the iconic PUMA KING football boots is made from nylon microfibre containing at least 20% recycled material. Puma says this new material outperforms their range of K-Leather football boots in terms of touch, comfort, and durability.

Sanne Kuijpers, Wild Animals Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection (Netherlands), said:

“Many organisations, including World Animal Protection, campaigned against the use of kangaroos for products such as football boots, skates and dog food. And our efforts have been successful. More and more companies choose not to use kangaroo leather.

Puma is now also setting the right example. We also call on other brands, such as Adidas, to stop using and selling kangaroo leather.”

The cruelty-free PUMA KING range has been available for purchase since the 2nd of March on the brand’s website.


This win for kangaroos comes a little over a year after famous Dutch sporting brands Viking and Bol.com committed to being free of kangaroo leather and updated their animal welfare policies – all thanks to you.

The shift to a humane and sustainable alternative is commendable, and it is high time other brands follow suit because using kangaroo leather in this day and age is inexcusable and simply cruel.

Millions of wild kangaroos are shot for their meat and skin. Data suggests around 40% of the shots fired are not immediately fatal, leaving the kangaroos to die a slow, painful death or be permanently maimed. 

However, athletic footwear giants such as Adidas are still lagging behind as they continue the cruel usage of kangaroos in their footwear, which is completely indefensible because of the availability and proven performance of advanced non-animal alternatives.

Together, we can move more companies to phase out the cruel practice of using kangaroo leather.

The shift to a humane and sustainable alternative is commendable, and it is high time other brands follow suit.

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