Havaianas and World Animal Protection Buddy Up

Making strides to protect marine life


For World Oceans Day our friends from Havaianas buddied up with World Animal Protection staff to help clean up discarded fishing gear and rubbish, from Kyeemagh Beach in Sydney.

Braving the elements, the team from Havaianas gave up their time to help us collect over 150 kilograms of rubbish from this one beach alone.

Volunteers Australia wide took to the beach on World Oceans Day, following our call out to divers and ocean lovers, to buddy up to help stop the suffering of sea animals.

Thousands of marine animals and birds are maimed and killed every year, due to fishing equipment, known as ghost gear, being lost and discarded in the sea and on our beaches.

Our Sea Change campaign is aiming to save one million sea animals by 2018. Cleaning up our beaches of deadly fishing gear is a crucial part of this.

Every piece of ghost gear removed from our ocean and beaches could save an animal’s life.

We’re bringing together governments, businesses and the fishing industry, to create a sustainable solution together.  To protect our precious sea life, and move toward a future free from ghost gear.

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