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Where do the political parties stand on animal welfare?


With the election nearly upon us, read the table to see which parties have agreed to support an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.

Since 2013 there has been no national leadership for Australian animals. Australia’s Animal Welfare Strategy is no longer funded, the consultative committees were dismantled and the Department of Agriculture no longer has a section for animal welfare.

Over 40,000 of our supporters have called for renewed national frameworks for animal welfare. An Independent Office of Animal Welfare is needed to drive real progress for animals all across the country.

Hover over the party names to see if they have any animal welfare election policies. 

Party Supports an Independent Office of Animal Welfare?
Animal Justice Party Yes
Australian Labor Party (ALP) Yes
Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party No policy
Family First No
Glen Lazarus Team Yes
Jacqui Lambie Network No policy
Katter's Australian Party No policy
Liberal Democratic Party No policy
Liberal Party of Australia  No
Nick Xenophon Team  No policy
Palmer United No policy
The Greens  Yes
The Nationals No

What about live exports?

As we go to the polls, the full horror of live exports fills our TV screens yet again.

The Australian Greens have a long held policy against live exports, as does the new Animal Justice Party.

The Liberal & National Party Coalition support live exports and expanding the industry. Rather than bringing the regulation of live exports under tighter and independent control, the Coalition has announced $8.3m to give industry greater control for live exports through an industry assurance scheme.

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has said it would review current controls for live exports and establish an independent Inspector General for Animal Welfare to regulate them. The ALP has further clarified to World Animal Protection that when the Independent Office they have committed to is established, it would have responsibility for overseeing the laws for live exports and breaches of them. However, the ALP has said they will not stop live exports. 

Testing animals for cosmetics

This is an issue where there was movement from the major parties in the last parliament. Policies to ban cosmetic testing are now agreed by the Australian Labor Party, the Liberal Party and the Greens.  

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