Exposed: Sheep cooking alive on live export ships


Yesterday the Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud announced a review into the northern summer live sheep export trade.

This follows public outrage over footage taken last August on board the Awassi Express where around 2,400 sheep died bound for the Middle East.

This is another horrific example of the conditions millions of Australian animals suffer unnecessarily during live export. It once again calls into question the Department of Agriculture’s ability to protect animals from suffering and regulate the live export trade.

Every year, thousands of animals die in transit. Many of those that survive the journey are handled roughly at their destination, killed while fully conscious and too many suffer outright brutality. 

Since the formation of the Departments of Agriculture created the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System, (ESCAS) in2012 there have been nearly 150 complaints of non-compliance.

Exposé after exposé have shown that the system is broken. Moving from live export to the chilled and frozen meat trade would protect millions of animals from needless suffering.

Independent research shows that this more humane alternative would also protect Australian farmers, the economy and create new jobs.

Exposé after exposé have shown that the system is broken.

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