Christmas Turkey

Eight incredible turkey facts


Amaze your family and friends this Christmas, with our eight incredible turkey facts!

  1. Turkeys are known to exhibit over 20 distinct vocalisations.    
  2. Each turkey has a unique voice.  
  3. Wild turkeys form strong and complex social structures, communicating by means of calling, touching and visual displays.  
  4. Turkeys roost in trees at night for protection from predators.   
  5. Wild turkeys can fly in short bursts.  
  6. A young turkey is called a poult.  
  7. Turkeys have unusual looking flaps of skin covering their beak (the ‘snood’), below their chin (the ‘wattle’) and on the neck (‘caruncles’).  
  8. Wild turkeys can live up to 10 years in the wild. 

If you are looking for something different for Christmas lunch or dinner this, there are some fantastic, festive plant-based alternatives to the traditional turkey.

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