Group of layer hens, Canada

Battery cage phase out date announced


Millions of Australian hens set to be freed from battery cages by 2036

Today’s long-awaited announcement by the government is a positive first step towards phasing out cruel and barbaric battery cages. 

While it is encouraging that the government have finally made an announcement after seven years of review, they can, and must, do better.

A 2036 phase-out of battery cages is simply not good enough for the millions of hens in Australia, who will continue to suffer in cruel battery cages.

Already, during the 7 years of the review 35 million hens were made to suffer in conventional battery cages. Up to 55 million more hens could be forced to live in cages, until 2036.  

However, the fact that there is a recommendation to phase out battery cages at all is down to your support and advocacy. Almost 20,000 of you gave hens a voice. Thank you!

Protest for layer hens in NSW


With you by our side, we will continue to help hens and push the industry to complete this phase out as soon as practicably possible.  

Australia continues to lag behind on hen welfare. The European Union, New Zealand and some American states committed to phasing cages out from 2012.

These social animals suffer both physically and mentally, and we'll continue to urge the state governments to do the right thing, and ensure industry phase out this practice as soon as possible, ahead of this 2036 deadline. 

Almost 20,000 of you gave hens a voice during the seven year review process. Thank you!

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