Australian animals on MV Bahijah set to arrive in the Middle East


Approximately 15,000 sheep and cattle aboard the infamous MV Bahijah are set to arrive in Israel tomorrow.  These Australian animals have suffered more than two and a half arduous months at sea.

Image Credit: Animals Australia

After departing on the 5th of January, they were returned to Australia due to security concerns in the Red Sea. Then eventually off loaded in Freemantle Port, before being re-loaded and re-exported on a longer voyage around the Cape of Good Hope.  


Ben Pearson - Country Director - World Animal Protection ANZ


Despite decades of public opposition and calls for change, Australian animals continue to pay the ultimate price of the cruel live export industry.


The MV Bahijah debacle demonstrates once again why the Government urgently needs to fulfill its election promise and legislate a date for the phase out of the live sheep export industry.

For more than a decade, supporters like you and animal welfare organisations including World Animal Protection have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the immense suffering of Aussie sheep in live export. 

Thank you for continuing to keep the pressure on to end sheep suffering in the name of live export. With you by our side well continue to call on the Government to legislate an end date during this term of parliament. 

Together, we can end the suffering of Aussie sheep. Forever. 

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