Cub at Libearty sanctuary

Thanks to you, these bears have a life worth living


Thank you for creating a safe place for the bears of Libearty to swim, chase, climb and snooze.

Your support means our partner sanctuaries can continue to rescue and care for gentle bears like the elderly Bolik. And it means cubs like Tasha, Lulu and Kyle – whose injured mum Daria was unable to feed them – can rely on tasty treats and vet care for the rest of their lives.

Thank you again.

 Daria with her newly born cubs, Tasha, Lulu and Kyle. Credit: AMP

A safe and peaceful home

Thanks to you, a mother bear and newborn cubs find a home in Libearty Sanctuary.

Bear, Romania

Donate to protect bears

Your support can help to cover food and medical costs that protect bears at our partner sanctuaries.

Bear in a lake at a sanctuary

Download cute bear screensaver

As a thank you, have a beary good day every day with a special bear screensaver.

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