Young jaguar Celeste nestles in fresh grass at Las Pumas sanctuary

Rescued jaguar finds her forever home in Costa Rica


Orphaned jaguar Celeste is living her best life in her new sanctuary home, after you helped provide her carers with essential medical supplies and plenty of fresh food.

Image credit: Las Pumas Sanctuary and Rescue Centre  

When she was only a little cub, Celeste the jaguar was discovered by local farmers hiding all alone in a field in a Costa Rican village. Orphaned after just losing her mother, the kind farmers brought her to Las Pumas Rescue Centre, one of the sanctuaries you help support.

The lush green forests of Las Pumas soon became her new playground, where she could safely explore and learn in a nurturing environment.

With your help, Celeste has grown into a confident and curious jaguar. This delightful video shows her enjoying her pond, where she loves to dive and play with big chunks of wood she finds in the water.

And the jaguar’s sparkly spirit charmed the world when she was crowned the second ever winner of the Wild Animal Unique Personality Award. This special award celebrates wild animals as the individuals they are, not commodities to be used for profit.

Thanks to your support, the prize money will help provide Celeste the jaguar with long-term medical care and yummy snacks to fuel her boundless energy.

Young jaguar Celeste rests by a pool in her sanctuary enclosure

Image credit: Las Pumas Sanctuary and Rescue Centre  

Because of you, she will always have a safe place to call home where she can continue to thrive as her best wild self.

Thank you for seeing wild animals like Celeste for who they truly are – special and loveable personalities who deserve our care and respect.  

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