In crocodile farms and tourism venues, crocodiles are kept in crowded, restrictive enclosures and denied the ability to engage in natural behaviours.

Outdated crocodile farming code of practice to be reviewed


The Federal Government has announced an independent review of the 14-year-old Code of Practice that governs the saltwater crocodile farming industry in Australia.

Image credit: Dean Sewell / World Animal Protection

The Code of Practice currently contains inadequate regulations that rely on decades-old, outdated scientific information. Thanks to more than 13,000 animal advocates who signed our petition calling on the Minister for Environment and Water to do right by crocodiles, the Government was moved to take this step in the right direction.

This long overdue review will likely scrutinise practices such as egg collection, captive breeding, farming, slaughter, and vaccination of crocodiles. It will be led by a public sector firm in Canberra and is expected to take up to 12 months to complete.

Ben Pearson, Country Director, World Animal Protection ANZ, said:

We commend the Government for recognising the need to update these guidelines and strongly urge them to consider the latest research in animal welfare and the ability of crocodiles to feel pain, fear and other complex emotions.

The crocodile farming industry is grotesque and inherently cruel. Wild animals are denied a wild life and the freedom to exhibit their natural behaviours. Crocodiles are wild animals, not handbags. They are sentient beings who don't deserve to languish in plastic-lined pens for the profits of French fashion houses.

Public consultation is expected to begin within the coming months and we look forward to speaking up for crocodiles with your support.

Each year, thousands of Australian crocodiles suffer a short, crowded life before a brutal death. Three to four crocodiles are killed just to make one expensive luxury handbag for French fashion brands, Hermès and Louis Vuitton.

Crocodiles are wild animals who belong in the wild. All wild animals deserve to be protected from suffering and exploitation. Crocodiles deserve a life free from suffering – a life that doesn’t hurt.

Together, we can make this the last generation of crocodiles to suffer at the hands of this cruel industry.

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