End bear bile farming

Though it's illegal, bears continue to suffer in bile farms in Vietnam. Will you be their voice and end this cruelty?

Every day that passes, a bear in Vietnam is having their bile extracted or a cub may be taken from the wild to be needlessly abused in the name of traditional medicine.  

Most bears used for their bile were poached from the wild as cubs and many have never slept on anything but hard metal bars.  

These bears suffer the most appalling levels of cruelty and neglect and are often visibly in distress. Many are wounded or scarred from repeatedly rubbing or hitting themselves against the bars in frustration.

As well as self-inflicted wounds, many have painful skin conditions, illnesses, and sores, made worse by their poor diets.  

Despite bear bile farming being illegal in Vietnam since 2005, sadly, there are still approximately 285 bears trapped in farms today. Will you be their voice? 

Our letter to the Ambassador

Your Excellency, Mr Nguyen Tat Thanh

I kindly ask you to reach out to the Hanoi People's Committee and remind them that only through decisive action by the Hanoi People's Committee and the Phuc Tho People's Committee can a bear farm-free future be realized in Hanoi and the entire country of Vietnam.

These decisive actions include the following measures to be taken by the respective authorities:

  • Strengthening bear bile farm monitoring and inspections
  • Taking immediate and decisive action if violations or illegal bears are found on bear farms by confiscating bears
  • Ensuring strict prosecution and punishment for serious violations
  • Enacting a breeding ban on private bear farms
  • Convincing bear bile business owners to voluntarily transfer their bears to authorities without compensation
  • Promoting herbal and other humane alternatives to bear bile

Kind regards,

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Bears used in traditional medicine

Bears in Asia are captured for their bile, which is extracted using cruel, painful procedures and sold as traditional medicine.

These captive bears suffer in filthy and cramped conditions, often in cages no bigger than phone booths. But the bear bile industry is completely unnecessary – plentiful and inexpensive synthetic and herbal alternatives to bear bile are readily available.

The bear bile industry causes intense, unjustified suffering to bears across Asia – and you help us put a stop to it