Australian crocodiles are the real fashion victims

Ask the Federal Government to end the cruel crocodile skin trade

French luxury fashion brand Hermès is planning to open a massive new farm in the Northern Territory. If it opens, the farm will house up to 50,000 saltwater crocodiles to be slaughtered for non-essential luxury items like handbags, belts and shoes.

Each year, thousands of Australian crocodiles already suffer a short, crowded life before a brutal death. Three to four crocodiles are killed just to make one expensive luxury handbag for French fashion brand, Hermès. They are truly victims of fashion.

Crocodiles are wild animals who belong in the wild. All wild animals deserve to be protected from suffering and exploitation. Crocodiles deserve a life free from stress and suffering – a life that doesn’t hurt. 

Australian saltwater crocodiles are wild animals, not luxury French handbags. Act now to end this cruel crocodile skin trade.

What is wrong with crocodile farming? 

In the wild, saltwater crocodiles can live more than 70 years. And yet, on crocodile farms, they live for about three years in small, barren plastic-lined pens.

This proposed new farm comes at a time when many brands in the fashion industry are moving away from exotic skins and even Hermès is developing plant-based handbags. The Northern Territory Government should be planning for the end of this industry – not helping it expand.

Typically, crocodiles are electrocuted to immobilise them before travel or slaughter. The charge is given on the back of the neck for 4-6 seconds through a pole with a set of metal prongs on the end, before the back of the neck is cut and the brain is pierced.

It’s time to come together to end the commodification and cruel exploitation of crocodiles. The unnatural conditions and unspeakable slaughter methods are unacceptable in modern society.

Ask Minister for Environment and Water, The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, to stand up for Aussie wildlife and to not rubber stamp Hermès’ export permit.