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Sign petitions to protect animals

Group of lions in captive facility, South Africa.
Join the global movement demanding an end to captive lion breeding once and for all.
Chicken on farm. Credit: Animals Liberation
Call on KFC to sign the Better Chicken Commitment and put a stop to the cruelty these creatures experience.
Elephant at Mason Elephant Park and Lodge. Credit: Andito Wasi
Call on Mason Elephant Park and Lodge to end the captive breeding of elephants and the cruel interactions for tourist entertainment.
Tourists at Bali Safari. Credit: Andito Wasi
Help us demand GetYourGuide, Traveloka,, and TUI Musement stop the sale of cruel wildlife experiences.
Dolphin in captivity
Call on the Queensland government to ban captive dolphin breeding and stop captive dolphins shows and direct interactions.
Croc handbag
Call on the Minister for Environment and Water, The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, to do the right thing for Australian crocodile welfare.
Koalas captive for visitor cuddles
Call on the Queensland Premier to join other states in banning cruel koala encounters, including koala cuddles, selfies.

Pledge to change the world for animals

Crocodile in a cage
Pledge to not purchase, wear or promote any wild animal skins, feathers, or wild animal fur products.
Elephant rides in Thailand
Pledge to stop the abuse suffered by elephants used for entertainment.
A tourist takes a selfie with an orangutan in Brazil - Wildlife Selfie Code - World Animal Protection
Don’t be part of this ugly picture. Sign our Wildlife Selfie Code now, and help filter cruelty out of selfies.
A tiger cub kept on a chain is used as a prob for photographs with tourists at an attraction in Bangkok, Thailand
Pledge to be an animal friendly traveller and protect animals while on holiday.
A lizard kept in a tank as a pet
Promise not to own an exotic pet and you'll help us keep wild animals in the wild where they belong.

Animals guides and checklists 

Plan ahead and protect your pet today
Natural disasters can strike at any time. Make a plan for your pet and stay safe.
Elephant in the wild
Use our tips to avoid venues that don't have elephants’ best interests at heart.
Two wild rough-toothed dolphins, Canary Islands
Get the checklist and help stop cruel wildlife entertainment by making animal-friendly choices on your holiday.
One of the resident bears at the Romanian bear sanctuary enjoying a relaxing sit in the grass.
Decide which venues you should visit with this checklist of what makes a good wildlife sanctuary.
Kangaroo in the wild
Be part of a global movement to protect wild animals and you'll receive a guide book and luggage tag to share with your family and friends.

You can help create a world where animal live free from cruelty and suffering 

Throughout our history, our supporters have campaigned to make life better for animals – persuading governments, international bodies, companies, communities and individuals to get serious about protecting animals.

Thanks to our supporters, we’ve made life better for billions of animals. You’ve stopped animal cruelty around the world. And we continue to speak up and speak out every day – with support from people like you, who know that change is always possible. 

Submission of hector & maui dolphin petition