Bear bile farm, Vietnam

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Add your voice to protect animals

Will you protect Taiji dolphins?

Please be the voice of dolphins who are violently captured and sold into a lifetime of captivity for profit.

Roar to protect South African lions

Join the global movement demanding an end to captive lion breeding once and for all.

Call on KFC Australia to give chickens better lives

Call on KFC to sign the Better Chicken Commitment and put a stop to the cruelty chickens experience.

Help end elephant suffering at Mason Elephant Park and Lodge

Please be the voice of the elephants who are forced to toil in blistering heat at this popular tourist spot in Bali all day.

Stop travel giants selling cruelty

Take a stand for wild animals around the globe by urging these global travel giants to stop promoting and profiting from wildlife cruelty.

End dolphin suffering

Call on the Queensland government to ban captive dolphin breeding and stop captive dolphins shows and direct interactions.

Stop cruel koala cuddles

Call on the Queensland Premier to join other states in banning cruel koala encounters, including koala cuddles, selfies.

Help farmed Australian crocodiles

Ask the Federal Government to end the cruel crocodile skin trade.

Call on KFC to offer kinder menu options

Call on KFC to add a permanent plant-based alternative to their menu nationwide.

Pledge to change the world for animals

End animal cruelty in the fashion industry

Pledge to not purchase, wear or promote any wild animal skins, feathers, or wild animal fur products.

Boycott horse racing

Help protect horses who are forced to suffer for human entertainment by pledging to boycott cruel horse racing events.

Don't get taken for a ride

More than 3,000 elephants are used as entertainers across Asia. You can help end elephant suffering.

Help filter suffering out of wildlife selfies

Wild animals are exploited and abused for visitor selfies fuelled by Instagram and other social media. You can commit to help filter cruelty out of selfies.

Be an animal friendly traveller

Right now, captive wild animals are being exploited for profit and entertainment. Will you be an Animal Friendly Traveller?

I won't shop for wild exotic pets

Sign our pledge, and help us protect wildlife by keeping them where they belong. In the wild.

Join the Wild Side of Travel

Sign up to receive your luggage tags and passport holder and become an Animal Friendly tourist.

Pledge to protect dolphins

Pledge to stand with World Animal Protection and only see dolphins in the wild where they belong.

Guides to protect animals

Is it a genuine wildlife sanctuary?

Download your checklist to make sure you’re visiting venues that have their animals’ best interests at heart.

How to be an elephant-friendly tourist

Thousands of elephants around the world are suffering in the name of tourism. Use our tips to avoid venues that don't have elephants’ best interests at heart.

You can help create a world where animal live free from cruelty and suffering 

Throughout our history, our supporters have campaigned to make life better for animals – persuading governments, international bodies, companies, communities and individuals to create everlasting change for animals. And with your support, we continue to speak up and speak out every day.  

Dolphin school

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