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You can make a difference to animals. With the help from people like you, petitions have helped to: 

  • Convince TripAdvisor to stop sell or promote tickets to attractions that use dolphins and whales for tourist entertainment.
  • Move Turkish Airlines to stop transporting African grey parrots out of the Congo.
  • Convince KFC in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden to sign the Better Chicken Commitment to transform the lives of an estimated 73 million chickens every year by 2026. 

Choose a petition to sign:

Wild Pangolin digging for ants - World Animal Protection
With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sweeping across the globe, we can no longer ignore the dangers of exploiting wild animals.
Pigs in cages
Call for great food label transparency on ham and bacon products. Mystery pork isn't good for animal welfare or good for you.
Chicken, South Australia
Chickens deserve better lives. If KFC in the UK and six countries in Europe can commit to this, why can’t KFC in Australia?
Kangaroo in burned bush after Australian bushfires
You can be a voice for native Australian animals by signing on to our open letter to the Environment Minister the Hon Sussan Ley.
Group of caged layer hens. Image Credit: Animals Liberation
Is this a life? Join our campaign to get 11 million chickens out of cages.

Pledge to help animals

Protect animals by pledging to make a change for animals in your day-to-day life.

Add your name to the pledge against owning exotic pets and help us keep wild animals in the wild where they belong.
Elephant rides in Thailand
Pledge to stop the abuse suffered by elephants used for entertainment.
Dolphin in captivity
Around the world, more than 3,000 dolphins are used as entertainers. Don’t be fooled by a smile, pledge to only see dolphins in the wild.
A tourist takes a selfie with an orangutan in Brazil - Wildlife Selfie Code - World Animal Protection
Don’t be part of this ugly picture.
Sign our Wildlife Selfie Code now, and help filter cruelty out of selfies.
A tiger cub kept on a chain is used as a prob for photographs with tourists at an attraction in Bangkok, Thailand
Pledge to be an animal friendly traveller and protect animals while on holiday.

Other ways to protect animals

Let the elephants lead you on a virtual tour of Following Giants - an elephant-friendly venue in Koh Lanta.
Plan ahead and protect your pet today
Natural disasters can strike at any time. Make a plan for your pet and stay safe.
Elephant in the wild
Use our tips to avoid venues that don't have elephants’ best interests at heart.
Lion and tiger cubs at a tourist attraction in South Africa - World Animal Protection
Looking for something to do with the kids? We've got 10 animal activities and wild facts for you.
Two wild rough-toothed dolphins, Canary Islands
Get the checklist and help stop cruel wildlife entertainment by making animal-friendly choices on your holiday.
One of the resident bears at the Romanian bear sanctuary enjoying a relaxing sit in the grass.
Decide which venues you should visit with this checklist of what makes a good wildlife sanctuary.
seal swimming
Download our list of fantastic destinations to spot Australian sea animals in their natural homes.
Download our 10 places to spot Australian animals in the wild to support tourism that does not exploit wild animals.
Caption: A wild tiger sitting on the dry grasses in a reserve in India. Credit: iStock. by Getty Images
Sign up to receive your luggage tags and passport holder and share with your family and friends.
Litter of 9 puppies taking shelter in a stone wall near the vaccination drive in Kenya
Download our checklist to make sure your dog is happy and healthy!