Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving (also referred to as Payroll Giving) is one of the simplest and most effective ways for you and your company to help us protect animals in need.

How Workplace Giving works

If your company adopts Workplace Giving for World Animal Protection, you can make regular fixed donations to us straight from your pay before it’s taxed. 

It’s good for you

It’s an easy and efficient way to make a difference to suffering animals around the world. You don't need to keep tax receipts for your annual tax return and it won't affect your gross income or superannuation. 

It’s good for your company

Your company will be showing the world that it's committed to helping animals live better lives. Workplace Giving can also improve staff morale and loyalty, making the business more attractive to new and existing employees. And if they’ll match your donations dollar-for-dollar, there’s double the benefit for the animals.

It’s good for the animals

It takes time to find the long-term solutions that will give animals a life free from neglect and abuse. Your continued support will help bring practical aid to suffering bears, dogs, sheep and so many other animals in need all over the world.

For more information on Workplace Giving, or to speak with us, please contact:
Jane Roennfeldt, Partnership Manager
or call 1 300 139 772 or (02) 9902 8000.

For help in starting a Workplace Giving program in your organisation, please download a form or complete the form below:

Workplace Giving is a simple way for you and your company to help create real and lasting change for animals worldwide.

You can help make a difference

All over the world, animals are suffering cruelty every day.

Animals like Doru, who we’ve rescued from illegal captivity in Romania. After years of misery being trapped in a tiny cage, this 15 year old Brown Bear had suspected arthritis in her back leg and a badly damaged front paw, with her claws pointing almost backwards.

That’s why it’s so important to receive regular support from caring animal lovers like you. Through Workplace Giving you can make a real and lasting difference to the lives of thousands of animals suffering cruelty and abuse around the world. From animals affected by disaster... to sheep and cattle facing dangerous live export from Australia... to bears held in illegal captivity... to the inhumane culling of dogs.

Your Workplace giving gift will help bring lasting change for animals:

  • By responding with essential aid and support for abandoned, mistreated or neglected animals, or animals affected by disaster.
  • By influencing governments around the world to make it illegal to exploit or abuse animals.
  • By promoting public awareness campaigns and implementing educational programmes to raise the level of animal welfare globally.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Doru is now roaming the enclosures of World Animal Protection’s Zarnesti Sanctuary – safe, peaceful and free to live out the rest of a ‘bear’s life’ in wild