Staff volunteering at a farmed animal sanctuary, Moo to Ewe

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By taking action for animals you’re helping to end the suffering of farmed and wild animals, and we’re committed to helping you do this.


Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks for your interest to help animals, we are working behind the scenes to bring you more volunteer opportunities, come back in a few days! 

Staff volunteering at a farmed animal sanctuary, Moo to Ewe

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 Ben Williamson on a boat with dolphin in background - World Animal Protection

Upcoming events

Ban Dolphin Breeding

  • Sea World - Gold Coast
    Saturday, 20 July
    | Saturday, 31 August | Saturday, 21 September | Thursday, 24 October | Saturday, 16 November | Saturday, 14 December

Join us to speak up for the captive dolphins at Sea World

Hosted by: Dolphin Freedom Fighters, World Animal Protection Australia, Animal Liberation QLD, Animal Justice Party QLD, Action for Dolphins, Coast to Coast Animal Friends, Brisbane Animal Save

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Dolphin captivity protest


Letter writing party

Host a letter writing party

New Zealand volunteer street action

Email your member of parliament

Africa animal protection team member

Write a letter to the editor

Social media used for animal activism

Use social media for activism

Local animal group - World animal protection

Start a local animal group

Overseas Elephant Opportunities

Help some of our friends improve the lives of elephants.

Staff with elephants in Thailand

Volunteer in Northern Thailand

Elephant Valley Project, Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Volunteer in Cambodia

Elephants at Following Giants

Volunteer in Southern Thailand

pigs, UK

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