Volunteer with World Animal Protection

We are looking for people who are passionate and dedicated to animal protection around the globe. You’ll be doing something you’re passionate about while learning about the work we do.

By generously giving your time, you’ll help cut down on administration costs, so even more funds are directed to animals in need.

You will be part of a community of committed likeminded people who are working together to create a world where animals live without suffering.

Volunteers are coordinated by our friendly team in our Sydney office who will keep you updated and provide guidance and advice.

One of the best ways you can help us is to share our work with your friends on Social Media, or talk to your employer about including World Animal Protection in your Workplace Giving Programme.

We have a range of activities to suit everyone, including:

  • Events and Festivals
  • Office and administration
  • Collecting petition signatures
  • Fundraising Initiatives

Please note that we do not have any field work or work that directly involves contact with animals available in Australia.

How can I join?

Joining the crew is easy! Simply email us your details at protect@worldanimalprotection.org.au

Thank you for wanting to create a world where animals live without suffering. Together we can move the world to protect animals.