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Partnering with World Animal Protection sends a positive message to your employees and customers that you want to help make sustainable changes that are for the greater good of animals, people and the planet.

We work side-by-side with businesses to create engaging opportunities that have a positive impact. There are several ways that your company can partner with us:

  • Employee engagement

    bring your organisation’s values and culture to life by starting a Workplace Giving program and matching your employees’ donations to double the impact for animals. Your team can also learn about the social, environmental and economic impacts of animal welfare, volunteer their time and share their skills. Studies have shown that employers with great Workplace Giving programs enjoy higher staff engagement, retention, productivity, reputation and social impact.
  • Gifts-in-kind 

    through the gift of media space and other products/services, you can help off-set project expenses through gifts in-kind.
  • Corporate philanthropic giving

    exclusively support a special World Animal Protection project or campaign.
  • Cause marketing

    increase your leads or sales while giving consumers an easy way to support our mission, generating awareness and funds to protect animals locally and worldwide.
  • Event sponsorship

    promote your company to a targeted audience by supporting one of our online or offline events.

To explore ways we can work together, please contact our Supporter Care team:

Email or call 1300 139 772 or (02) 9902 8000.

Together, we can move the world to protect animals.

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Working around the world to end the needless suffering of animals by inspiring people to change animals’ lives for the better.

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Find out how our income was raised in 2022 and how your kind donations protected animals in need around the world.

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With our supporters, we’ve made amazing things happen for animals over the last 70 years.

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