Support us to protect animals

We couldn’t do everything we do for animals without you. Your support is key to bringing an end to animal suffering across the world. Here’s how you can get involved.

A wild black bear sniffing the air
Give a gift that will bring positive change for millions of animals in desperate need. Every day, we rely on kind donations to fund our vital work.
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Regular gifts are the most impactful way to achieve long-term, lasting change for the lives of animals everywhere, forever.
elephants in the wild
Only the courage and determination of animal lovers working together for change can move the world to protect animals.
Wild asian elephants in Udawalawa National Park in Sri Lanka
Leave a gift to World Animal Protection in your will and you’ll be protecting animals well into the future.
Tiger in the wild. Image by Zulnureen Shariff on Unsplash
Leave a gift in memory of a loved one and help give animals around the world a better life.
Two bears, Christi and Lydia.
Celebrate your loved ones by giving a gift that will move the world to protect animals.
A small pod of dolphins. Credit: Stephen Coetsee on Unsplash
Shop specific products that support our campaigns and protect animals with each purchase.
City2Surf Sydney 2013
Share your passion for protecting animals with others and have some fun raising crucial funds. Your fundraising event is only limited by your imagination!
Volunteers handing in threat management plan submission
Volunteer your time to make a difference for the world’s animals. The Sydney office would love your help.
Find out how we've been moving the world to protect animals for more than 50 years
Ask your company to make a donation from your pre-tax pay and you’ll both be helping animals in need. They can even match the amount.
Help end live animal export in Australia
Have you changed your contact details with us? Please continue supporting animals worldwide by providing us your updated details.
A wild green sea turtle swimming off the Cayman Islands
Becoming a corporate partner is an easy way to help your business make a meaningful impact for animals.