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Welcome to the Plant Protein Challenge!

You’ve taken the first step towards improving your health, protecting our environment, and helping give animals better lives. Thank you 🧡

Keep an eye out for the first plant protein challenge email that will mark the start of your journey. This email will be packed with recipes and a free meal planner to help you stay on track. 

Did you know, that by switching your beef burger to a plant-based beef option, you can reduce your personal meal footprint by 90% or more when it comes to water usage, land usage, and global warming potential? A small switch can make a huge difference.


Beef patty carbon impact graphic
Cows at Pakaderinga feedlot. Credit: Animal Liberation Queensland

Food Impact Calculator

You have the power to help save animals and their habitats — starting with what’s on your plate. It’s not the whole story, but you can take a real bite out of the problem. To gain a sense of how your food choices affect animals and the environment, use our impact calculator.

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Learn how to replace eggs, meat and animal products in your cooking

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Find delicious and nutritious alternatives to meat dishes and delicious desserts.

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