Sheep arriving at the sale yards.

You’ve moved more super funds to prevent investing in live animal exports


In great news for Australian sheep and cows, CareSuper and HESTA super fund have announced that their sustainable fund options will no longer invest in live animal exports.

For members of CareSuper or HESTA concerned that their hard-earned savings could be harming animals, they can now choose an option that they know will not support /this cruel trade.  

Suzanne Milthorpe, Head of Campaigns for World Animal Protection said:  

“This great first step will hopefully encourage CareSuper and HESTA to take even stronger positions on farmed animal industries and practices not just in their sustainable options but across their portfolios."

The live export exclusions from CareSuper and HESTA now means 15 of the top 200 super funds no longer invest in live animal exports.  

“We know most people don’t want their super financing animal cruelty, and it’s time for the industry to align their policies with the expectations of the Australian public. We’ll continue to encourage super funds to do so!” Ms Milthorpe said. 

Australian farmed sheep and cows are exported in crowded, stressful conditions to offshore destinations where they can often face cruel or inhumane slaughter conditions. Year after year, these animals suffer this cruel fate. 

Despite the industry’s promises to improve these conditions, they have failed time and time again. Numerous videos have been leaked from approved Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) supply chains showing violent and cruel treatment of exported cows.  

This includes tail twisting, excessive electrical prodding, violent slaughter without stunning and more.  

“Where our super is invested ultimately shapes the future for not only animals, but people and the future of our planet,” Ms Milthorpe added. 

Finding out if your super fund has an animal welfare policy can help prevent you from unknowingly investing in animal cruelty like live exports, factory farming or cosmetic testing on animals.

Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media

Where our super is invested ultimately shapes the future for not only animals, but people and the future of our planet.

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