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You called on KFC Australia to sign the Better Chicken Commitment


35,616 Australians signed our petition demanding that KFC Australia give chickens lives worth living.

Chickens are intelligent, social and emotional animals. They deserve better and KFC Australia can do better.

KFC in the United Kingdom and six countries in Europe have agreed to give their chickens room to move so they can perch, forage and flap their wings. They’ve agreed to use slower growing breeds with fewer health problems. They’ve also promised to give chickens access to natural light. This is all part of the Better Chicken Commitment to give chickens better lives.

KFC Australia has refused to do the same.

Thank you for being a voice for Australian chickens. This week we submitted your petition to KFC Australia asking once again that they sign the Better Chicken Commitment. Chickens in KFC Australia’s supply chain are among the millions of chickens raised in factory farms in Australia each year. By signing this petition, you’re part of the important and ongoing work needed to improve the lives of chickens in Australia.

We know a better way is possible. With your support, we will continue to demand that KFC Australia give chickens lives worth living.  

Chicken as part of intensive factory farming. Credit Animals Liberation

Give KFC chickens better lives

Call on KFC to sign the Better Chicken Commitment and put a stop to the cruelty these creatures experience.

Broiler chicken

Donate to protect chickens

In industrial farming, a chick may go her entire life without seeing sunlight. Together, we can give chickens lives worth living.

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