En koalahun med sin unge i et træ i Magnetic Island i Queensland, Australien. Foto: NOMADasaurus

YHA Australia launch best practice wildlife guidelines


Thanks to your support, YHA Australia - Australia’s largest provider of budget travel accommodation - has worked with World Animal Protection to create a new set of wildlife guidelines for tours and experiences which are promoted across the organisation’s network of 40 properties.

Image credit: @NOMADasaurus

The guidelines emphasise responsible and sustainable wildlife tourism, moving towards a model that minimises any negative impacts on animals and ecology. This move shows that travel companies can move towards a wildlife-friendly future for the industry while still offering unforgettable and meaningful experiences for travellers to learn about the natural world.


Suzanne Milthorpe, Head of Campaigns for World Animal Protection ANZ, said:

We applaud YHA’s positive move to guide their travellers towards responsible experiences. The decision to remove close interactions with wild animals such as koalas, who we know become stressed around humans, marks a significant step towards a responsible and sustainable future for travel.

We know people love animals and want to see them when they travel, but it’s critical this is done in a positive way that prioritises their wellbeing and their protection in the wild.

We believe that wildlife travel can be a force for good in the world, when done with care. We hope to see more companies take responsibility for the activities and venues they promote, and work towards a future where tourism does not contribute to wildlife exploitation.

YHA Australia are in the process of auditing their existing promoted product to adopt these guidelines, assessing all product and auditing content on the website and social channels.

Paul McGrath, CEO of YHA Australia, said:

Implementing these guidelines is just the beginning, and we're eager to see the positive change they will bring about not only in our properties but the natural world that our guests are so eager to explore.

YHA Australia accepts a responsibility to preserve our natural world and the incredible wildlife that inhabits it. These new guidelines reflect YHA Australia’s commitment to promoting conservation and ensuring that our guests have the opportunity to continue to connect with the wildlife in a way that respects and safeguards it.

Working together with World Animal Protection, the set of guidelines developed presents a future vision of wildlife tourism experiences that are not only educational but also aligned with the best interests of the fauna involved and the conservation of their natural habitats.

With you by our side, we will continue working to lobby GetYourGuide, Traveloka, Trip.com, and TUI Musement to adopt animal welfare policies to protect wildlife.

Together, we’re ending the exploitation of animals for entertainment. Forever.

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