Tiger in chains

World Animal Protection responds to this week’s raid of the ‘Tiger Temple’ in Kanchanaburi province in Thailand


World Animal Protection welcomes the action taken by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP). This is a significant step in helping to protect wildlife from the cruelty of the illegal wildlife trade and of the wildlife entertainment industry.

Am Last, Director of World Animal Protection in Thailand, said: “Investigations like this can shed light on illegal wildlife trade practices and help to uncover the hidden cruelty behind tiger themed tourist attractions and parks.

“Tigers at these attractions are bred purely for the entertainment of tourists. The tiger cubs used for photo opportunities are often forcibly removed from their mothers to be artificially fed by tourists. Adult tigers are often kept in small cages or on chains for long periods. All of this is a far cry from their natural lives in the wild.

“Many tourists unwittingly contribute to the suffering of wild animals like these. They’re simply not aware that their ‘once in a lifetime’ experience means a lifetime of misery for that animal.

“We urge anyone who is travelling in Thailand to learn the facts before they book. Once people know the truth, they can take action to end cruelty by avoiding wildlife entertainment attractions and choosing to see wild animals in the wild, where they belong.”

Image: flickr.com/nickhubbard

Tigers at these attractions are bred purely for the entertainment of tourists.

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