Kangaroo in the wild

World Animal Protection joins the International Kangaroo Protection Alliance


The International Kangaroo Protection Alliance is a group of 16 animal organisations and individuals  committed to sharing ideas and amplifying efforts to protect kangaroos.  

More than 90 million kangaroos have been shot in the last 30 years. It is the  largest commercial slaughter of land-dwelling wild mammals on earth. 

Kangaroos are often shot from a great distance in the dark. An estimated up to 40 percent of shots are not immediately fatal. The kangaroos sometimes have to be shot several times before they are killed. If they escape, they can die a painful and slow death from the gunshot wound.   

Joeys are sometimes still in their mothers' pouches and are killed by blunt force or left to die on their own if they escape.   

International Kangaroo Protection Alliance’s key welfare concerns relate to: 

  • The millions of kangaroos and wallabies killed each year for commercial and non-commercial purposes; 
  • Intentional killing of kangaroos by shooting and poisoning; 
  • The fate of joeys after their mothers have been killed 
  • Impacts of shooting and fencing on kangaroo mobs; 
  • Lack of monitoring and enforcement of the Code of Practice at the point of kill. 

Together we want a future where kangaroos are respected for their intrinsic worth and valued for their important contribution to ecosystems and society. 

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