Animals in farming

Vietnamese Government officials and abattoir workers receive animal welfare training


World Animal Protection supporters have written to their MPs in response to the recent unveiling of horrific cruelty to Australian cattle within both Vietnam and Israel.

In both countries the footage captured by Animals Australia, showed animals being slaughtered in the most barbaric ways and all while the animals are completely conscious.

World Animal Protection campaigns for an end to the export of live cattle from Australia, and thanks to our supporters we are also improving the lives of animals in some destination countries.

In Vietnam we’re providing practical help to stop the country's own farm animals being treated cruelly. This month, we held the first of a number of workshops to train Vietnamese government staff and abattoir workers on animal welfare. As pig production is one of the fastest growing industries within Vietnam this is a key focus.

World Animal Protection veterinarian, Kate Blaszak says “We’re excited to kick off animal handling and welfare training this month in Vietnam. This is the beginning of a pilot program, aiming to improve the lives of over ten thousand animals.”  

"Leaders and participants taking part in this training have said it's very practical and interactive, and is enabling trainees to learn things easily. So far those who have received this training have shown a keen interest and are committed to changing their practices."

“Over the next few months we will be educating staff in a number of facilities to create practical change. To keep building on this movement we will work with the Vietnamese Government and businesses to continue rolling this program out to additional locations, increasing the number of animals that will benefit from this training.”

Last year we also held a high level meeting with Vietnam government officials to explain the importance of animal welfare to policy and law makers, and help drive change for millions of animals.

There are encouraging signs that animal welfare is starting to improve within Vietnam. A national veterinary law is about to pass and following the Animals Australia exposé, it is expected to later include provisions to deal with sledgehammering.

Thanks to our supporters we will continue our work within Vietnam to give farm animals a better life.

In Vietnam we’re providing practical help to stop the country's own farm animals being treated cruelly.

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