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The tragic track record of the Melbourne Cup


When you look at the recent track record of the Melbourne Cup the odds aren’t good for the horses.

The Melbourne Cup is the disgrace that stops our nation. This is a multi-billion-dollar industry where the suffering and slaughter of horses on an industrial scale is marketed as sport. 

Despite the industry’s claims of reform, it continues to be plagued with welfare concerns. 

Over the past decade horses including Anthony Van Dyck, Cliffsfofmoher, Regal Monarch, Red Cadeaux, Admire Rakti, Araldo and Verema have all been victims of this cruel race. 

Beyond these individuals, the list of welfare concerns in horseracing is exhaustive, particularly the culling of "uncompetitive" animals, use of the whip and risk of injury and death. 

Then there is the ‘tongue-tying’, used to immobilise a horse’s tongue. This is done so the horse doesn’t choke while being made to run at high speeds. Horses with tongue ties have been observed showing signs of severe pain, anxiety and distress.

When these sensitive animals are pushed too hard during a race they can suffer from Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage, a condition in which they bleed into their lungs and windpipe.

With you by our side, we'll continue to oppose the use of animals in entertainment, including the use of horses in the racing industry and other equestrian sports, where such use adversely affects their welfare.

Together with a groundswell of Australians we are saying Nup to the Cup!

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