Tips to keep your pet cool in the heat


With temperatures set to be extremely hot in some areas of Australia this week it’s important to keep your pets to keep cool.

Here are some tips for pet owners:

  • Ensure your pet has access to shade and enough space to move around
  • Ensure your pet has fresh water in large containers. Water intake is double in high temperatures and humidity
  • Increase air flow if your pet is inside
  • Never leave your pet in a parked car
  • Avoid moving or exercising animals in peak day time temperatures
  • Ensure they are still fed twice a day (morning and early evening)
  • Try making frozen treats and leave them out for your pet on hot days
  • Provide your pet with a wet-down facility. You can use a sprinkler or wet towel on the floor.

If you think your pet is suffering from the heat:

  • Contact your local vet
  • Cool your pet down slowly using a hose, sprinkler or fan. Do not use ice cold water.

Hot weather can bring an increased risk of bushfires. So be prepared and plan early to protect your pet in a disaster.

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Image: Nicolas Axelrod