Kangaroos at the edge of the Australian bushfires

Thank you for helping animals like Flame


You’re on the ground helping animals caught up in the Australian bushfire crisis. Thank you!

You helped treat this little joey who was injured in the bushfires. How? By helping us get vital medical supplies out to a mobile vet van in the bush. Check out the video of Flame the joey as she recovers from injuries to her four paws.

The supplies you helped pay for have already helped 21 kangaroos and one lizard. But Flame was in the worst shape. All four of her paws were burnt, two down to the tendons. Thanks to you, the team was able to remove the damaged tissue and do laser treatments to help with her healing.

Flame is now with a WIRES carer and the team will visit again to see how she is healing. Thank you for being there for her!

We’ll keep you updated on the bushfire recovery effort as it progresses.

The hardest work is yet to come, and we can’t do it alone. Thank you for being there for Aussie animals.

Flame’s paws were badly burnt, two down to the tendons

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