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Tell your MP to keep the northern summer live export ban


The Australian Government want to overturn the ban on live exports during the northern hemisphere summer. But you can help keep the ban by contacting your MP.

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The last time exports were allowed during the northern hemisphere summer, thousands of Australian animals died. It is cruel and dangerous. We cannot allow it to happen again.  

In 2019, hundreds of you joined us in demanding a ban on the live export of Australian animals during the hot northern hemisphere summer.  

Thanks to your passionate advocacy, a ban was achieved, helping to ensure Australian animals are not sent on long voyages during the hottest parts of the year.  

But now the Government want to overturn this ban. They want to send Australian animals to the Middle East during the hottest part of the year.  

That’s why Australian animals need your help. Send an email to your Federal MP now, telling them to keep the ban on live exports in the northern hemisphere summer in place, to help protect Australian animals.  

Email your MP

Find your Federal MP and their email address by searching by your postcode and it will show you who your MP is.  

Click the email icon to write to them directly, or you can fill in the contact form.  

What to write in your email 

If you haven’t written directly to your MP before, that’s okay. A simple email expressing your concerns is all that is needed. Below are some suggestions on what to include in your email, to ensure your message gets across.  

  • First, be sure to tell them that you live in their Electorate. Politicians want to be seen to represent the views of the people in their local area. They know that if they don’t, you could vote them out at the next election. Your opinion matters.   
  • Second, tell them that you do not support the Government’s plans to overturn the ban on live export in the northern summer. Ask them to commit to speaking in favour of the ban in Parliament.  
  • Tell them that last time Australia exported animals in the northern summer, thousands of sheep suffered horrific deaths on their way to the Middle East. You do not want to see Australian animals suffering on long voyages, during the hottest part of the year. It is cruel and inhumane.  

A simple email covering these three points is all you need to help protect Australian animals. Thank you for taking a stand, to help ensure this live export ban is not overturned.  

You can also watch and share this video to show people why we cannot allow live exports in the northern hemisphere summer to happen again.  

Together, we will keep working towards a world where all live exports are banned.  

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