Statement: Landmark decision for NSW greyhounds


The announcement to end the greyhound racing industry in NSW is an Australian first and win for greyhounds.

The Special Commission of Inquiry report highlighted brutal animal welfare practices including high rates of injury, widespread live baiting and mass killing of healthy dogs. This left the NSW Premier, Mike Baird with no other acceptable course of action than to close the industry down and World Animal Protection fully agrees.

We oppose the cruel exploitation of animals gaming and entertainment. We welcome the NSW Government decision and congratulate Premier Mike Baird and Deputy Premier, Troy Grant on moving to protect greyhounds.  Sadly, the NSW Labor Party and some National Party MPs have criticised this decision. World Animal Protection urges all MPs to support the passage of the ban through Parliament so no more greyhounds are bred for cruel racing. The welfare of the dogs currently in the industry must continue to be a top priority – during the period of transition and when the ban comes into effect.

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