Katia and Dasha take their first steps of freedom at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary.

Sister bears meet for the first time


Thanks to you, two 25-year-old female bears were recently rescued from a life of cruelty in a circus and are now enjoying freedom at Libearty bear sanctuary in Romania

Sisters Dasha and Katia spent their entire lives in small, separate cages. They could smell and hear each other but they were never together in the same place. This was their first time meeting each other.

Watch the magical moment when they’re able to play with each other for the first time:


At first they were cautious about walking out of their safe dens onto the grass of the sanctuary as the sight of a natural forest must have been unnerving for them. They had never seen trees, birds or wildlife before.

But eventually both bears stepped out into their new lives and, on seeing each other they showed genuine delight, hugging and playing together for the first time in their lives. They were also able to splash about in a fresh water pool, something else they had never seen before.

Sister bears Dasha and Katia

Image Credit: Millions of Friends Association (AMP)

The girls were given heaps of fruit and vegetables to eat and have been checked by the sanctuary vet. They’ll stay in the quarantine area over winter, before being moved into the huge forested area with other rescued bears where they’ll enjoy becoming bears again.

This amazing reunion couldn’t have happened without supporters like you, along with our partners in the field the LAEO (Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation) and the SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue group.

With your ongoing support, injured and abused bears like Dasha and Katia can be rescued, rehomed and given the lives they deserve – lives worth living. Thank you!

(Header Image Credit: Millions of Friends Association (AMP))

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