Captive dolphins at Sea World

Qantas walks back captive dolphin commitment


Earlier this month, Australia’s largest airline Qantas was quoted committing to cut ties with venues that house captive dolphins.

However, now Qantas has clarified that they will continue to sell tickets to Sea World.

Qantas’ commitment would have moved us closer to a future where the only place that people would be able to see dolphins would be in the wild where they belong.

Ben Pearson, Head of Campaigns for World Animal Protection said: “It is disappointing to see Qantas walk back their previous commitment to cut ties with captive dolphin venues. 

“Their original commitment would have moved us closer to a future where the only place that people could see dolphins is in the wild, where they belong."

“Given the significant role they play, we need the travel industry to show leadership to protect wild animals."

In the wild, dolphins travel vast distances at great speed, dive deep into the ocean for food and live in large social groups. There isn’t a facility that can simulate these conditions and give these wild animals the life they deserve.

Simply put, a lifetime in captivity is no life at all for dolphins. They are wildlife, not entertainers.

The tide is turning on dolphin captivity

Virgin Holidays, United Airlines and British Airways all recently announced they were scrapping sales to captive dolphin attractions. Earlier this year Canada passed a ban on keeping dolphins, whales and porpoises for entertainment.

This is part of a global movement towards better treatment of these wild animals, which includes the nations of Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, India, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK.

While thousands of marine mammals are still suffering in captivity, announcements like this from the travel industry are a welcome signal of hope.

“Dolphins and other marine mammals are wildlife #NotEntertainers. We hope more travel companies follow their incredible example.” – Ben Pearson, Head of Campaigns, World Animal Protection

Around 20,000 people have already signed a petition calling on the Queensland Government to ban captive breeding at Sea World.

Together, with your help, we can make this the last generation of dolphins kept captive for entertainment in Australia.

If you sell tickets to captive dolphin park, you sell tickets to animal suffering.

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