Live export mythbusting

Putting a freeze on cruelty forever


Transitioning our sheep and cattle industries to an exclusively chilled and frozen meat trade would ensure that animals are slaughtered and processed in Australia under our regulations and protected from arduous sea voyages and inhumane slaughter overseas.

The alternative to live animal export is a win-win, for animals and industry. Of course, it’s vital that an alternative works for our farmers and our economy, too. To check the viability of the alternatives, we commissioned independent research to analyse the costs and benefits of slaughtering and processing animals domestically instead of exporting them live.

On the basis of this research, we firmly believe farmers and local industry will benefit financially and the increase in domestic processing will help create jobs. And millions of Australian sheep and cattle will be protected from the unnecessary suffering of live export.

We believe what we’re asking the government to do – to grow the chilled and frozen meat industry in place of live export – is completely achievable. Not only that, but it’s consistent with the responsibilities of government:

  • Expanding our current meat export markets and developing new ones will increase demand on domestic processing and create more jobs.
  • Eliminating tariffs and subsidies that favour live animal imports into the Middle East will support free trade policy
  • Developing policies to encourage investment in meat processing facilities will help grow local economies.
  • Helping livestock producers transition towards animals suitable for domestic processing will support the livestock industry.

The alternative to live animal export is a win-win, for animals and industry

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