Viral poet shares moving ‘Dancing Dolphins’ video for World Oceans Day


For World Oceans Day, Tomfoolery, the young, charismatic poet and viral video sensation has teamed up with World Animal Protection to share a moving poem, answering his eight-year-old sister’s big question ‘why are people mean to animals?’

We hope the poem connects with the hearts and minds of as many people as possible, to reduce acceptability of captive wildlife entertainment venues, and to help inspire change for a better tomorrow.

Top photo: Rachel Ceretto

Launched in collaboration with World Animal Protection, the moving piece ‘Dancing Dolphins’ shines a light on the plight of captive dolphins and the broader cruel captive wildlife industry.

These playful and intelligent mammals are forced to spend their lives in barren tanks, most of which are over 200 thousand times smaller than their natural home range, unable to exhibit their natural behaviours.

Tom hopes to connect with the hearts and minds of people to inspire change for the better as they reflect on the relationship people have with wild animals.

Tom’s mission is to present messages of hope, optimism, and socially constructive and progressive ideas through his words. His previous poem, “The Great Realisation”, has been viewed over 60 million times and translated into different languages across the globe.

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