Plans would allow trophy hunting of crocodiles in NT


Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion has said the hunting of crocodiles in the Northern Territory could be happening within a year, at a price.

"We can never accept economics founded on animal cruelty."

Today Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion made comments that “safari hunting” of saltwater crocodiles in the Northern Territory could be allowed within a year.

Trophy hunting of crocodiles would be an unacceptable setback for the protection of animals in Australia.

World Animal Protection strongly supports Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s ban on the importation of lion trophies, and it is right to protect animals here in Australia from similarly cruel exploitation.

We can never accept economics founded on animal cruelty. Animal friendly ecotourism is a cruelty-free alternative that will help generate economic benefit for NT communities and protect animals.

We’re opposed to all forms of recreational hunting and have campaigned for the end of wildlife hunting in various forms for decades. There is no humane way to hunt animals in the wild as it often causes welfare issues such as stress and prolonged suffering.

In the Animal Protection Index launched last year, Australia received a 'C' ranking, far behind 'A'-ranked peers New Zealand and the UK. If Australia is to become a leader for animal protection, it needs to avoid implementing regressive policies for animals.

We urge Minister Hunt to stand firm and keep trophy hunting of crocodiles out of Australia, as all environment ministers have done for the past few decades.


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