NRMA stops promoting cruelty at Dolphin Marine Magic

NRMA stops promoting cruelty at Dolphin Marine Magic


On Monday (10 April) we launched our petition asking NRMA to stop promoting Dolphin Marine Magic at Coffs Harbour. Within 24 hours, over seven thousand of you had signed.

On Wed​nesday morning (12 April), four staff members and two inflatable dolphins stood outside the Sydney head office of the National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA). Our team were handing out flyers to staff and customers entering the building, showing how these animals should be in the wild, not used for entertainment.

Our plan was to remain at this entrance at mornings and lunch times for the rest of the week. But within 45 minutes, their Corporate Affairs Executive came out to announce that they had removed the promotion and discount from their website!

NRMA had been offering a 10% discount on tickets to Dolphin Marine Magic for its 2.4 million members. Dolphin Marine Magic holds five dolphins captive in tiny, chlorinated pools and makes them perform stressful and demeaning shows for paying visitors. It is the only venue of its type still operating in New South Wales and exists only because of a loophole in legislation introduced in the 1980s. Despite the pools not meeting the state standards to keep bottle-nosed dol​phins, the venue has received a permanent exemption from the state government.

Our senior campaign manager, Ben Pearson, said:

“NRMA’s decision is a positive step forward for the dolphins held captive at Dolphin Marine Magic. There is no magic in the cruelty these beautiful, intelligent animals endure at this venue.

“Given the unquestioning state government support for Dolphin Marine Magic, World Animal Protection is targeting travel and other companies, calling on them to stop propping up this cruel venue.

“No company should be encouraging people to visit venues that cause cruelty to animals. There are so many magical things to do around Coffs Harbour - watching animals suffering isn’t one of them”.

But the campaign isn’t over. Other companies – such as Virgin – continue to promote the cruelty at Dolphin Marine Magic. We will be calling on them to stop, and asking you to help us achieve another win for the dolphins. Stay tuned!

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