More shocking evidence cattle killed with sledgehammers


Graphic footage showing the use of sledgehammers to kill Australian cattle in Vietnam has been submitted by Animals Australia to the Department of Agriculture for further investigation.

Considered too shocking to release to the public, it demonstrates yet again why we must stop exporting live animals for slaughter overseas.

Animals Australia has submitted the footage to the Australian Department of Agriculture who has been investigating reports of cattle slain with sledgehammers and subject to ‘flooding’ in Vietnam since March this year. Flooding is when cattle are forced to consume large volumes of water delivered to the rumen by hose several times in the hours prior to slaughter. This awful cruelty is inflicted because it is believed it will add weight to the saleable meat.

At present there is no legislation specifically developed for the welfare of farmed domestic animals in Vietnam. Overall Vietnam has received a score of F according to the Animal Protection Index, a score significantly lower than our own.

“The latest reports from Vietnam are yet another example of the unacceptable welfare risks live animal exports poses, again illustrating why we should process animals in Australia”, said Nicola Beynon, Head of Campaigns for Australia.

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